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Limited time Special Offer
just £20


This opportunity has being made possible thanks to support and funding from
Byw'n Iach, and The Outdoor Partnership

To Make a booking, please scroll to the bottom of this page


Starting at the end of October, we will have 2 courses running weekly.

There will be a Female only course running for 4 weeks, every Wednesday from the 26th of October.
Additionally there will be a Mixed course running for 4 weeks, every Thursday from the 27th of October.
They will run from 6:45pm until 8:15pm.

For many who wish to try indoor climbing, there is often a sense of feeling unsure about how to get started. What equipment do I need? Should I join a club or get on a climbing taster session?


An introduction to climbing course is an excellent place to begin.

The Benefits?
Rock climbing is not only a great for your muscles it increases your strength, endurance and will improve your general fitness but it’s also a lot of fun! Rock climbing, even indoors, is exciting, will take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you in a way very few other sports can. It’s also a great way to meet people and is a much more sociable way of exercising than a lonely trip to the gym.

Is it safe?

Although rock climbing can be a risky activity when done incorrectly, with good instruction and the proper equipment, it can be a safe, enjoyable sport for adults and kids alike. 

What should I wear?

Any sports or loose fitting comfortable clothing works well. Stretchy jeans can be comfortable but can get quite hot. We would recommend you wear something you don’t mind getting dirty or scuffed.

Our course runs for 6 hours and this is split into four one and a half hour sessions over four days. 

Further Information.

This will be done over four weeks.


The course is suitable for anyone aged 18 and up.

On our Introduction to Climbing course you will learn about the equipment used in indoor climbing, how to belay, tie the basic knots, basic rope technique and of course how to climb, with plenty of climbing time to practice everything. We will spend time in both the main climbing wall the bouldering room.

At the end of the course there will be a basis assessment and if successful you will then be signed off as a  competent climber, which will enable you to climb at The Rock climbing wall independently of instructors, you will also be able to sign in and be responsible for up to two novice climbers.

To Book onto the 4 Week female only course, click next and then select the 26th of October. This will book you onto all 4 weeks.

For the open course, do the same as above, however, select the 27th.

We can offer these sessions at other times, however, the above dates are the only times we can we can offer them at this fantastic low price.

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